Optogait is an innovative system used for movement analysis and the functional assessment of patients. Optogait uses infrared beams that, when paired with a standard treadmill, is able to record all aspects of the gait cycle and record information such as step rate and stride length. This precise data can then be studied and used to determine the extent of any injury and/or effectiveness of any treatment.

Optogait goes beyond the acquisition of numerical data by using small cameras positioned as desired to record perfectly synchronised images of any tests performed.

This makes it possible to enjoy the advantages of cross-checking between data and images. All data collated is displayed in real-time through a software platform and paired with video analysis. This can then be used to help patients struggling with walking and running, sports injuries, or it can be used in conjunction with a rehabilitation programme.

Optogait can also be used to verify, in a dynamic situation, the efficacy of a patient’s orthotics as well as offer pre and post values and following other treatments.