Blisters are the skin’s response to a form of irritation. The hands and feet are the most susceptible parts of the body to blistering, and they can be caused by everyday activities as well as during exercise.

When something rubs against the foot repeatedly, the skin will get red and hot. Then, in an attempt to protect itself, it forms a blister, often appearing as a ‘bubble’ over the area. These ‘bubbles’ can be filled with serum, plasma, blood or pus depending on how and when they came about.

The best way to prevent a blister from forming is to avoid ill-fitting footwear to reduce friction; however, there are a few other ways that you can prevent blisters from forming:

  • Adjusting footwear/socks if irritation is noted
  • Adjusting laces to prevent the foot slipping
  • Depending on the activity, you can try friction socks, double-layer socks or specific running socks
  • Anti-friction creams
  • Blister plasters for areas prone to blistering