The foot is a very complex structure of 26 bones, 30 joints, 38 muscles and many more ligaments and tendons bearing our body weight as we move around.

By definition, Biomechanics is simply the study of the human motion; however, when linked explicitly to the podiatry industry, it relates to the alignment and functionality of the feet and legs.

A biomechanical assessment involves an examination of not only the foot and ankle but the whole lower limb, including the pelvis and lower back, looking at their structure, alignment, strength and weaknesses.

A biomechanical assessment is very beneficial if you are experiencing pain in your feet or lower limbs. A detailed assessment of the underlying structure and function can help to identify factors that may be causing or contributing to discomfort.

During a biomechanical assessment, we are able to use some high-quality pieces of equipment such as Optogait, pressure plates and ultrasound, which enable us to create a more tailored individual treatment plan.