Pressure plate analysis is a test done to measure the forces going through the feet during activities such as walking and running. It is a very simple procedure that takes only a few minutes to complete. It can offer your podiatrist a concise analysis of the distribution of the body pressure on the feet whilst also giving a comparison of the pressure distribution between each foot. Foot pressure has a direct influence on your gait and the position your feet assume when walking, standing or running. The influence comes about due to the support the feet offer during these functions.

Some pain experienced by patients in the lower limb can arise due to the unequal distribution of forces acting upon the feet. Therefore, a pressure plate analysis can be essential for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of different conditions.

The measure is achieved by the use of a sophisticated machine that produces a clear graphical image of the pressure distribution across every part of the foot as well as giving a comparison between the two feet. The analysis is essential to determine where the feet experience the most pressure.