MK Feet: Michael Wardlaw & Associates   




Standard fee

Standard fee with Michael Wardlaw



ChildrenÕs appointments 




Cryotherapy (with liquid Nitrogen) plus the appointment fee


Electrosurgery of verrucae or corns

Dry needling of verrucae under a local anaesthetic




Nail surgery 


Surgical assessment and/or Specialist appointment fee with Michael Wardlaw

(Surgical package fees can be discussed at your appointment with Michael Wardlaw)




Orthotics plus the appointment fee




Slimflex Simple


Preformed orthotics (posted / modified as necessary) (VOLÕs)


Bespoke/Prescription insoles




Casted orthotics


Biomechanical evaluation


Casted orthotics


Total for casted orthotics includes appointment fees




Antibiotics (oral) plus the appointment fee


Steroid injection plus the appointment fee

(Michael Wardlaw only)




Microbiology reports plus the appointment fee


Histopathology reports plus the appointment fee



Card payments are welcome. There is no charge for Debit Cards, however for Credit Cards there is an additional charge of £1.00.  AMEX, Diners Card and cheques are not accepted


Michael Wardlaw is recognised as a specialist by all major insurance companies

 eg BUPA, AXA PPP, Aviva etc.

If you want to use your insurance please check with your insurance company before your appointment with Mr Wardlaw as a GP referral letter may be needed. For further information please ask for details or visit or email:-


PLEASE NOTE:- Appointments not kept or cancelled within 24 hours will be charged for.

Unpaid fees may incur extra charges.