The Team

Patients at MK Feet Podiatry Clinic can benefit from a wide range of skills from highly qualified podiatrists who all have the same basic podiatry skills and in addition have gained specialist qualifications.

Michael Wardlaw FCPodS – Specialist Podiatrist & Consultant Podiatric Surgeon:-  Michael is the founder member and owner of MK Feet Podiatric Clinic.  With 35+ years experience in Podiatry, Michael also specialises in biomechanics, and general foot surgery.  Michael is recognised as a specialist by all major private health insurance companies. Employed by the NHS as a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon and Tutor. To better understand the level of training Mr Wardlaw has achieved, please click here 

Manju Mital BSc (Hons) – Podiatrist:-  Manju is our most senior podiatrist at MK Feet Podiatric Clinic with 25+ years experience, she is also a senior lecturer at Northampton University School of Podiatry and was a member of the Podiatry team for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Manju specialises in paediatrics, ‘at risk foot’ e.g. diabetic foot care, sporting injuries, biomechanics and teaching. She is currently studying for a PHD at Northampton University.

Luke McCarthy BSc (Hons) – Podiatrist:- Specialises in foot and ankle injury diagnosis and rehabilitation, prescription insoles and orthotics, joint mobilisation and manipulation, nail surgery, medicine and foot and ankle surgery and research.

Christie Wallis BSc (Hons) – Podiatrist:- Specialist in general Podiatry.

Usamah Khalid BSc (Hons) – Podiatrist:- Specialist in general Podiatry and currently studying MSc in Podiatric surgery at Huddersfield University.

Charlotte Thornton BSc (Hons) – Podiatrist:- Specialist in general Podiatry.

Appointments can be made with any of the podiatrists but for further information or to decide which clinician you would like to see, please click on the individual pages within the drop down menu above.