Standard fee with all Podiatrists (except Michael Wardlaw)


Children’s appointments


Cryotherapy (with liquid Nitrogen) plus the appointment fee

Electrosurgery of verrucae or corns Dry needling of verrucae under a local anaesthetic       £150-£300
Nail surgery


Surgical assessment and/or specialist appointment with Michael Wardlaw FCPodS(at BUPA rates for specialists)

(Surgical package fees can be discussed at your appointment with Michael Wardlaw)


Orthotics plus the appointment fee


Frelens  £18
Slimflex Simple  £18
Preformed orthotics (posted / modified as necessary) (VOL’s) £36
Bespoke/Prescription insoles


Casted orthotics


 Antibiotics (oral) plus the appointment fee  £11
 Steroid injection plus the appointment fee
(Michael Wardlaw only)

American Express, Diners Card and cheques are not accepted

Michael Wardlaw is recognised as a specialist by insurance companies, eg BUPA, AXA PPP, Vitality etc.

If you want to use your insurance please check with your insurance company before your appointment as a GP referral letter may be needed, or ask for details or visit www.mkfeet.co.uk or email:-  mkfeetclinic@gmail.com


PLEASE NOTE:- Appointments not kept or cancelled within 24 hours will be charged for.

Unpaid fees may incur extra charges for debt collection costs.